Greetings from MASA!
Another disaster has struck, this time in Kerala, Gods own Country. The whole nation has stood as
one to offer help and many people have reached ground zero to physically help those in distress.
There is a huge supply of perishables and non-perishables which are a life-line to the affected and
have been saving them from starvation and diseases. But these come wrapped in plastics and other
non-degradable packaging. In all this life and death situation, there are some individuals who have
taken an initiative to collect, segregate and properly dispose off these items so as to avert another
possible disaster caused by accumulation of garbage. Kudos to them!
The much awaited MASA Fellowship is here again. Do read and respond. The first edition of
MVUD Awards for students of Masters Programs in Architecture is announced. Do encourage your
students to participate and showcase their work.
We are awaiting news from colleges on the effects of plastic ban and their response to it. Do write to
us on the email-